JSGH Newsletter – October 2020

October 2020 Issue: October 19, 2020

Message from the President

Dear JGSH Members and Friends,

I certainly hope that this message finds you well, staying safe, and staying sane. It was good to see some of you at some of our recent events. We had great weather for the Fall Picnic a few weeks ago on September 26th. Even though it was just a simple lunch outside, I think everyone really enjoyed themselves while staying safe.  

Also, a week after the Fall Picnic, we planted seven cherry trees on the grounds of Gillette Castle State Park to celebrate the life of Yukitaka Osaki, William Gillette’s Personal Secretary. Many thanks to all of the donors, volunteers, and supporters that made that possible! With any luck we’ll be able to plant more soon, and enjoy all of their blossoms in the spring!  

We have a few more upcoming events that I certainly hope you’ll enjoy. Next week on the 25th we’ll be taking a short hike around the grounds of Gillette Castle. There should be some nice views and fall color. And for this winter, we will be having some virtual events that we’ll have more details about soon. The pandemic will still be with us, but the cold winter will feel warmer and shorter if we keep together. 

Best Regards, 

Peter Watson, JSGH President

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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

Sunday, October 25th, 2020: Hiking at the Gillette Castle State Park

Meet us at the parking lot at 2pm to enjoy the pretty fall colors, the great views, and to take a look at the cherry trees JSGH just planted at Gillette Castle. The hike will be pretty easy and short. You’ll be able to follow at your own pace. Because of the continuing risk of COVID, JSGH asks all participants to wear a mask and maintain social distance when possible.  We’ll be hiking as a group, but we should spread ourselves out along the trail. 


We will send out the 2021 JSGH membership form soon. We are planning more activities for 2021. We appreciate your support, and hope we get to meet in person in the new year.

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