New Titles from the JAPAN LIBRARY Series

We have received a letter from JPIC about new titles from the Japan Library series. Please read it below. If you would like to read any of these books, please let us know.

We hope this letter finds you in good health. We here at Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture (]PIC) launched the JAPAN LIBRARY project in 2074, in cooperation with the Japanese government private enterprises, and experts from multiple fields of study, to publish English translations of notable Japanese books. To introduce you and your institution to our collection, please accept these complimentary copies of the recently published 2019 series. We look forward to announcing many more titles in the future. Thank you for your attention.


Kiyoshi Nakaizumi
Director JapanPublishing Industry Foundation for Culture (JPIC)
3-12-3 Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051

Librarians: We hope the enclosed titles will be a welcome addition to your institution’s collection and will become available reading for students, researchers, professors, and general readers alike.
Editors/Reviewers: Any reviews of the books in the JAPAN LIBRARY series are welcomed and encouraged. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.
Contacts:Adam Jimenez & Takafumi Morimura Email: j Website: http://wwwjpic.or.jpljapanlibrarlz/ (Visit to see all of our previous titles)

1) Friendship across the Seas: The US Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
by Agawa Naoyuki

2) The Remarkable History, ofJapan-US Relationsby Kosaka Masataka

3) Security Politics in Japan: Legislation {or a New Security Environmentby Hosoya Yuichi

4) Toward the Meiji Revolution: The Search for “Civilization” in Nineteenth-Century Japan
by Karube Tadashi

5) Llnderstanding History in Asia: What Diplomatic Documents Reveal by Hattori Ryuji

6) What is Japanese Cinema?: A HistorybyYomota Inuhiko
*Published by Columbia University Press

7) The Burden of the Past: Problems of Htstorical Perceptions in /apan-Korea Relations
by Kimura Kan
*Published by University of Michigan Press

B) The Political History of Modern Japan: Foreign Relations and Domestic Politics
by Kitaoka Shinichi
*Published by Routledge

9) Pilgrimages in the Secular Age: From EI Cantino to Anime by Okamoto Ryosuke

10) I{eritage Culture and Business, Kyoto Style: Craftsmanship in the Creative Economy
by MurayamaYuzo

71) Every Day a Good Day: Fifteen lessons I learned about happiness from Japanese tea
cultu re by Morishita Noriko

72) The Lure o{Pok6mon: Wdeo Games and the Savage Mindby Nakazawa Shinichi

13) The Art o{ Empttnessby Sakaida Kakiemon XIV

14) The Book of [Jrushi: Japanese Lacquerware from a Masterby Matsuda Gonroku

15) The Music of Colorby Shimura Fukumi