Cosplay Contest at Japan Summer Festival

The Cosplay Contest is coming back to JSGH’s Summer Festival on June 15, 2019! (Blue Back Square, West Hartford, CT)

  • Do you love dressing up as your favorite Japanese anime, manga or video game character?
  • Come join us for the Summer Festival Cosplay contest!
  • Please make sure your costume has a Japanese theme and is appropriate for all ages.
  • Cash prizes for the winners!
  • 3:00-4:00 Cosplay Contest
  • Winners will be announced at 4:10!
  • You can join the cosplay fun without entering the contest, too. Let’s have fun together!

$5 entry fee.  Sign up at our booth on the day of the festival.
There will be craftsmanship, originality, and best in show award.

Please read before entering.

1) You may cosplay as any character associated with Japanese anime, manga, or video games. Movie and TV characters are ok too, as long as it’s related to Japanese culture. No American/western costumes please, keep it related to Japan.
2) Please remember this is a family event. No inappropriate costumes, children and the general public will be attending, so keep it PG-13. This includes but is not limited to, no public nudity, no graphic violent or sexual images, no racist or discriminatory outfits or symbols.
3) No weapons, this is a public event and must be safe. Please no prop weapons either, they may be ok at anime cons where there are prop checks, but at an event of this nature it would be too risky, please leave them home.
4) Fill out the entry form at the Cosplay Contest booth on the day of the festival. The entry fee is $5. The cutoff time for entry is 2 PM. After this time you will not be allowed to enter.
5) Contestants will wear their outfits and walk across the stage so that the judges and audience can see them. There will be an award for craftsmanship, originality, and best in the show. There will be a cash prize for the winner in each category. The amount of the prize will be determined on the day of the contest. Winners will be determined by our judges, and all decisions are final.
6) Please make sure that approximately 70% of your outfit is hand made, either by you or somebody else if you wish to compete for a cash prize. For example, you can use an outfit that you sewed yourself, but it is okay to use accessories like boots, jewelry, or a wig that you purchased. 100% store bought costumes are not eligible for prizes. If you want to wear a store-bought costume and walk across the stage just for fun that is ok, but you will not be considered for one of the prizes.
7) If you want to cosplay with a partner that is fine. However, please no groups with more than 2 people.
8) Since our space is limited there will not be a place for contestants to change at the festival. Please change into your outfit before arriving at the festival, or plan to change in a public restroom.
9) Please be at the main stage 20 minutes before the start of the contest. We will organize the contestants and tell them in what order to go out on stage.
10) If you have any questions, contact us on the Japan Society of Greater Hartford Facebook page.